When someone chooses to damage the church through pseudo-miracles and we point such out, it would be so unfair for anyone to think it is an attack against the church.


It is an insult on human intellectuality to watch five videos where the same miracle is staged only to read an interview where it is claimed that it is a relapsing situation.


While it is not impossible to see relapsing situations even after deliverance,  the enthusiasm to show off ‘such miracles’ on the internet needs to be discouraged.


There is nothing wrong in resolving to seek medical attention for certain ailments while supporting such with prayers. And if we depend fully on FAITH, it could be wiser to reduce our zeal for show-off, for publicity stunts, for crowd-pulling, for performances or for stage management. A criticism of such manipulative opulence is not an attack on the church.


There are anointed Pastors and Clergies. There are real miracles and I’m a witness to some. There are several thousands and millions of miracles in the name of Jesus Christ happening in homes, offices, toilets, bathrooms, shops and gatherings, for the church is where ‘two or three’ gather in his name. MOST of these Pastors and believers don’t go to social media releasing videos. By the way, isn’t the right teaching of THE WORD not more important than the seeking of miracles?


Church is not a market place and gullibility shouldn’t be given a price-tag.


Basically, the social media pages of Pastors and Spiritual Leaders should be filled more with the word of God, admonitions and counsels. Some of those social media videos are archetypal examples of badly directed home-videos.


This NONSENSE must stop. The Church is not a MARKET PLACE.




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