No excuse! You are responsible for your life!

5 little boys had sneaked to the Eden quarters of our film city. Guess what they were looking for without seeking permission. Sugarcane! They had come with cutlasses to secretly cut some and sneak back to their houses. The oldest among them must have been seven years.


“Cut the tallest. Not that one. The looooongest…sshhh, don’t make noise…”


They whispered to one another.


“Who is that?” I shouted!


Fiam! They were gone. When I went out to check, I saw the little kids hiding behind leaves. I pretended not have seen them, carried the sugarcanes they had harvested into the cathedral.


Few minutes later, they were back. All of them tiptoed back again. I was ready to catch some fun. I needed to teach them how honourable it is to ask “and it shall be given unto thee”.


I sneaked out and tiptoed towards them, hiding behind green leaves like Sylvester Stallone. Smart boys. They soon saw me and dashed away, running at high speed.


Trust me!


I dashed after them in the bush like a jet. It was a hot chase. I saw it as an opportunity to do some exercise. I was catching some fun. They were catching some fear. The small boys were fast runners but I wouldn’t give up. I knew my target wasn’t all of them. There was one little toddler of about 5 or 6 years running behind them, holding his little dirty pant with his left hand. I caught up with him and the boy really showed how good he was in poetry!


I don die oooooo

I don die

Die Die Die

I don die

Die Die Die

I don die

No be die be this?

I don die


Mama Comforti ooo

I don die


I tried my best to hold my laughter. I carried him on my shoulders while he continued his “trochaic pentameter”.


I told him I would throw him in the cage of our bulldog and he would be torn to pieces.


I no wan come ooo

Na my brother bring me ooo


Na my brother oooo

No be me oooo

Na my brother ooo!


By now, his brother and friends had left him. They had gone into hiding. They never came back to help him. They had landed him in trouble and had left him to face the music. After a while, I released him with the sugarcane after teaching him never again to follow the multitude to do evil. He was surprised to see a smile on my face.


A little experience with a lifetime wisdom:


You will never be permitted to blame your friend or your brother or your Sister  for the wrong decisions you took about your life, your career, your ministry, your academics, your tomorrow. Watch the gang you keep and the friends you move with. If they finally land you in trouble, they will leave you alone to render your poetry.

And when you try to blame others for your predicament, we will say


“No excuse! You are responsible for your life!”


Even God gave us choices!


Choose right!




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SEPT 1, 2015

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