Until we start celebrating WHAT HUMANITY REALLY  is…

More than many times, I have received invitations to be part of ‘the seminar of entrepreneurs’ and I have, most times, humbly declined. This is because I have always felt that the true source of riches, IN SOME INSTANCES, are not truly discussed. While there are very many hardworking entrepreneurs who have legitimate income, several other sources are questionable.


Now,  the problem is not about these desperate fraudsters. The problem is a society that makes wealth, cars,  houses, gold, diamond  wrist-watches as measures of success. No wonder a lot of hardworking people get frustrated and wonder what type of magic wand is possessed by the so called millionaires. The decorations on the outer part of some so called multi-millionaires have corruption underneath. We are, therefore,  unlucky, to have younger ones whose only passion is how to become rich, by all means and through any means.


The truth is that what the society celebrates determines what is seen as heroism. It seems that wealth is largely honoured to the detriment of other social values. I feel terribly bad when I hear the stories of any young entrepreneur caught in the dangerous webs of fraud and corruption. Unfortunately, such ‘billionaires’ host FINANCIAL EMPOWERMENT SEMINARS and are even invited to churches.  They vomit THE 100 NUGGETS of FINANCIAL SUCCESS and THE 500 WISDOM NUGGETS FOR ENTREPRENEURS. They refuse to tell us exactly what they do to gain so much wealth.


I advise you to relax, keep working legitimately,  stop comparing yourself with others,  avoid chasing shadows and be comfortable with what you have.


Most of these financial speakers(NOT ALL)  seem questionable and it’s clear in their theories. Others are gambling. You can imagine a fellow who wrote a book on TEN WAYS TO BECOME A BILLIONAIRE and starts looking for money to publish it. The best advice is to tell him to read his book


There are better  things to celebrate than wealth.  More fraudsters will rise as billionaires until WE START CELEBRATING WHAT HUMANITY REALLY IS…





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