Not a few who watched our new film SHAKABULA have called me on the need to shoot same film in English and of course shoot many more films in English.


I do, definitely. I have done a good number of movies in English and I think the genre has surpassed the Yoruba genre.


However, in recent times, it seems most Yoruba Language Speakers who are young don’t even understand Yoruba, or they pretend not to understand it and to them,  it’s a sign of civilization to pretend not to understand it or communicate with it.


However, I know so many who are not faking it.  They just don’t understand it. I think this is why great singers like KSA, OBEY COMMANDER and the Icon TOPE ALABI are staying on the lane. Perhaps we must credit some TV channels like TNTTV, Africa Magic Yoruba among others who stay glued to promoting the Yoruba Language.


For instance, the intonation on SHAKABULA

is re-re-do-do, not re-re-mi-do. The way my younger folks pronounce it,  show that quite many of them don’t even see the ‘amin-ohun’.


I am going to start teaching the young generation how to pronounce Yoruba words properly on my Instagram page @oreofewilliamsawojesu. It’s going to be a short video and it would be interesting. Follow me on Instagram to enjoy this. There would be recharge cards given to those who follow the class and build their Yoruba Vocabularies.


To speak Yoruba fluently is not a thing of Shame.


My first degree in the University is in English before I crossed fully to Theatre Arts. I got the best result in my department with a GPA on 4.3, missing 1st class with a few points. When I did my Masters degree at the Department of English at the University of Ibadan, I had a strong PhD grade and yet today, I write and speak Yoruba better than English. All the dramatic  lines in AWO JESU,  ORISA MIMO and SHAKABULA among others are written by me. Only my PhD is in Theatre Arts.


Common, follow me on instagram right away and let’s start learning from today.


Share and encourage someone to do same.




Yoruba is going and some of us must help…


IG: @oreofewilliamsawojesu

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