The other day at our International Film Tour when white men sat to watch our film SHAKABULA, I reconvinced myself that it is always good to start ,no matter how small.


He sat watched the film and bought some copies.( He didn’t buy in naira lol )


When I asked Pete if and how he enjoyed the film. He said, ‘Yes I did. Was reading the translation’…


Sipping from a cup a coffee, he asked a most terrible question:


‘Williams, this film is about corruption. Is it about your country Nigeria?’


‘It’s about all countries’,I said ‘It’s a correctional art’


‘We not corrupt here,Willy’… Pete said


‘Corruption is an English word, Pete. If it’s not in your society , it’s not in your Grammar’, I said.


I think Pete hid his anger for the rest of the day


…but I won’t allow anyone to label my country for evil.


Not all of us are corrupt!




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